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About Us


Terry Cook started Preferred Stainless in hopes to offer a more affordable stainless steel tank to his customers. He wanted to offer a non-code tank but with the same quality as a code tank. He was already a successful business owner of a facility that manufactures ASME code pharmaceutical tanks, but the overhead cost of making them there wasn't feasible. His knowledge and foresight has been proven successful through Preferred Stainless.

How we started

Non-Code Stainless Steel Tank

Progress through the years

The business had grown since it's start so Theron Cook; Terry's son, was able to join him in this endeavor not long after he graduated High School. The knowledge of this industry has been instilled in him since as long as he can remember. 

More Progress to come....

Preferred keeps growing! In 2021, Guy Renshaw was able to come on board with many years of experience in business management. His accomplished business background and knowledge in many different areas will be a great asset to Preferred Stainless for years to come.

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